Sigma Call Simulator case study

TalkTalk Business is broadband, telephone, mobile phone, and IT support provider. See TTB feedback after using Netaxis’ Sigma Centralised Call Generator.
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Sigma Call Simulator case study

Sigma Call Simulator does the job for TalkTalk Business

It’s really nice to get an endorsement from a customer and this one from TalkTalk Business fits the bill perfectly. TTB have been using Netaxis’ Sigma Centralised Call Generator for inhouse testing in multiple scenarios. Neil Currie of the TalkTalk Technology Voice Applications Team has this to say:

“We originally were looking to see if we could improve compliance testing with new SIP headers so that we could replicate call scenarios without requiring us to source the PBX to test platform behaviour.

We also realised that we wanted to have an easy to use tool for improving testing call admission control to our load balancing clusters with a more user friendly quick to deploy testing tool which we could use to test multiple locations without the need to build separate instances per data centre or an inflexible licensing model.

Sigma fitted the bill for these requirements largely because there was already a big library of predefined scenarios built in for testing things like DOS and IP-PBX which we could build on for our needs and customization.  Sigma also allows us to send bursts of multiple concurrent calls for stress testing which has been invaluable for remote testing as part of network upgrades.

Sigma has also been used with supporting provisioning teams with large number ports where historically challenges have been around validation testing for non-consecutive number ranges. Historically this as would require manual dialling but the ability to import numbers via a CSV file into an auto scheduled scenario has enabled time to be saved pressing buttons as calls can run in the background.

Netaxis have always been on the end of the phone or an email when we have needed some testing advice and we look forward seeing the continued development of Sigma”

We see new applications for Sigma come along all the time. The testing of non-consecutive number ranges is a particularly good one but in the complex world of the telecoms carrier where no two customers are the same the possibilities are endless.

If you want to know more about Sigma check out the Netaxis website or email

Note the Sigma Call Generator was formerly known as Dory but was rebranded in April 2018.

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