Network Monitoring

A reporting and monitoring platform designed to understand network usage.

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Advanced network tracing and testing

Nemo can capture call signalling and media, then output this information as a graphical end-to-end call flow.

Alarm definition and collection

Alarms types and thresholds can be easily created and modified from a large set of pre-defined templates. Nemo can detect traffic anomalies that are not usually reported via discrete alarms such as SNMP traps, thanks to its traffic patterns analysis engine.
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Session monitoring

VoIP network analysis

Nemo can monitor VoIP network usage in terms of sessions (simultaneous calls, call rate, call destination, call duration etc.) as well as the quality of the media (packet loss, jitter, latency, MOS). Nemo offers intuitive, powerful graphing functionality to inspect all aspects of the VoIP network traffic visually.
In addition to the traditional VoIP metrics, Nemo can also monitor RCS sessions by gathering information related to call transfers, chat, SMS, video calls vs audio calls and desktop sharing.

Key Features

NEMO has a vast array of tools and functionality to simplify fault resolution and speed up operations teams' response times.

Multi-tenant reporting portal

Customise data and chart views with an HTML5 interface

Fine-grained user access

Role-Based Access Control to empower operations teams

Voice network monitoring

SIP, RTP, SNMP, CDRs, RCS and more supported sources

Netaxis Integrations

Seamless interoperability with SRE and APIO to enforce fixes

Anomalies detection & alarming

Hidden issues like duration trends and call drops uncovered

End-to-end call tracing & media playback

Understand the real-world impact of technical issues on UX
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Simplified User Experience

Web Portal

NEMO comes with an intuitive user interface that is highly configurable and easy for support teams to learn, customise and use when supporting core and customer faults.
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