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APIO – API Orchestrator

More than an API, this platform allows Service Providers to build new user experiences with simplified, white-labelled portals; customised for market and customer needs.

SRE – Session Routing Engine

Centralised control of your SBCs and other network elements from the cloud or in your datacentre, with support for a wide range of applications.

Nemo – Network Monitoring

A reporting and monitoring platform designed to understand network usage. Nemo can monitor VoIP network traffic in terms of sessions, as well as media quality.

Sigma – Centralised Call Simulator

A centralised VoIP traffic generator capable of reproducing virtually any SIP call scenario. Sigma is capable of reproducing a vast range of SIP call and load-testing scenarios to assist with troubleshooting and network analysis.

CLI – Intelligent CLI Validation

Сontrol your surcharges and block invalid CLIs by rejecting non-conforming calls. Our CLI helps service providers and operators to conform with UK Ofcom rules.
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Fusion brings multiple UC&C platforms together, allowing you to simplify and automate service delivery and enhance customer experience.


Session Border Controller as a Service – a flexible solution for service providers, enabling rapid scaling and capex reduction opportunities.
Use Cases

Fusion for Teams

Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming the dominant option for Cloud-Native businesses, and those joining the race early will reap with biggest rewards. Find out how we make onboarding fast and simple.
Use Cases

Fusion for BroadWorks

Enhance Cisco Broadworks experience – build a branded customer portal easily with low-code process automation, platform integration and many of customisation options.
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