Audiocodes Gold Partner Certification for Netaxis

Netaxis announces getting Gold Partner Status with Session Border Controller vendor Audiocodes.
Audiocodes Gold Partner Certification for Netaxis

Netaxis gain Audiocodes Gold Partner status

Following on from the highly successful Teams event organised by ITSPA Netaxis are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded Gold Partner Status with Session Border Controller vendor Audiocodes. Audiocodes were one of the vendor partners at the ITSPA Microsoft Teams workshop along with Ribbon and Oracle both of whom are also Netaxis partners.

To gain our Audiocodes Gold badge some of our Integration Engineers spent an intensive few days locked away in a training room getting to grips with the tech. We have already been installing and supporting Audiocodes devices for some time but now we have the badges to prove it. If you already know SBCs it doesn’t really take much effort to pickup another brand.

Netaxis have a highly qualified engineering staff. Systems integration is only part of our business. Regular readers of this blog will know that we are also a software development house specialising in products and systems that support the management of telco VoIP networks.

The odd thing is that whilst our own product business is growing we did think that this would mean the resold vendor side of things would gradually diminish. This doesn’t seem to be the case. Network Operators buying our Session Routing Engine or Network Monitoring products, for example, are also asking us to fulfill their SBC and softswitch requirements. Cool  eh? 🙂

Audiocodes are front runners in selling SBCs for Microsoft Teams. Service Providers wanting to offer Direct Connect for Teams have to do so via a certified Session Border Controller.  Audicodes, together with Ribbon and Oracle are the only certified vendors in this space.

Anyone wanting to know more about our Audicodes Gold Partner Status should get in touch with their local Netaxis sales person or via We would be more than happy to have a chat and can put you onto one of our certified engineers:)

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