Microsoft Teams Lab setup includes Azure and AWS

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Lab at Netaxis extended to using Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.
Microsoft Teams Lab setup includes Azure and AWS

Microsoft Teams Lab setup includes Azure and AWS

I am very proud of our achievements in building the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Lab at Netaxis. It all started in the office laboratory but has now extended to using Azure and AWS and also connects to services over the internet.

Check out the architecture diagram in this post. Direct Routing is set up between Teams using three different certified vendor Session Border Controllers: AudioCodes, Ribbon and Oracle with a mix of standalone and High Availability modes on display. We also make use of some of our own products namely the Session Routing Engine SRE, Network Monitoring tool Nemo and our fraud mitigation product ENGO.

The network diagram illustrates our setup. Our own internal Teams subscriptions run through a couple of virtual Oracle Enterprise SBCs.

Enterprise A is our own internal Teams setup in the office in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It comprises two virtual Oracle Enterprise SBCs each with a Probe that captures CDRs and traces for the Nemo Network Monitoring system to analyse. This allows us to track the quality of calls made over the network and provides configurable reporting. Enterprise A also hosts an instance of the SRE Call Processor which because of its API based architecture gives us massive flexibility in terms of the features we can add to our setup. Enterprise B is our Italian office which has yet to be included into the lab setup.

Our Brussels lab has a similar setup to Enterprise A but uses a single Audiocodes Mediant SBC instead of the Oracle pair.The AudioCodes SBC is configured as a Service Provider Multi-tenant machine Ditto the machines hosted in Azure but with a Ribbon SWe replacing the AudioCodes Mediant device. ENGO fraud management and Nemo are hosted in AWS. All the products used run on Virtual Machines.

This setup is intended to demonstrate a wide set of capabilities that are typically used by Enterprises and Service Providers for voice services and especially those connected to Microsoft Teams via Direct Routing. We can easily extend it by adding third party products. For example Enterprise A also has an Asterisk open source PBX deployment (not shown although I will amend the pic if I get a chance) to demonstrate hybrid deployments and to test and show some customer scenarios.

With this lab lab we have gained valuable experience of working with commercial cloud offerings. In this case it is initially Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS but we can also see the value in incorporating other cloud services such as Oracle.

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