Automated number portability extended to four countries

Netaxis extends automated number porting capability to four markets using Number Portability Automation solution.
Central Authority - Port out request - Approve - Inform others

Automated number portability extended to four countries using NPACT

Netaxis extends automated number porting capability to 4 markets with Saudi Arabia and South Africa now complementing Belgium and The Netherlands.

Our NPACT (Number Portability Automation) solution allows voice network operators to automate the porting process. This massively speeds up the activity which can take weeks in some cases and not only saves operating costs but results in happy customers.

This automation is particularly relevant in countries where the regulator has mandated the use of a centralised number database. A side benefit of this is removal of the need to trombone calls through the original number range holder network.

NPACT complements the Netaxis NIMS Number Management Module which simplifies the management of an operators telephone number estate and enhances their product offering by allowing customers to choose their own numbers via an online portal.

If you would like to discuss using our NPACT number porting solution in your market please feel free to get in touch through our contact page.

If you are interested in automated number portability you should also want to look at our Session Routing Engine. A major upgrade was announced for this in the guise of SRE 3.0. Today’s SRE announcement covers improvements to multinational operation and the ability for Voice Network Operators to generate their own unique datasets.

SRE is used for intelligent routing of calls across a network and nicely complements the NIMS and NPACT number management suite.

NPACT and NIMS are usually used as part of the Netaxis APIO ecosystem for the market leading Cisco BroadWorks Application Server. APIO includes standard connectors to BroadWorks plus a range of other essential network elements including Session Border Controllers, IMS network, Network Monitoring, Billing, Customer Self Care Portal, Provisioning and ecommerce.

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