Session Routing Engine lead – Promotion for Federico Legge

Session Routing Engine - one of Netaxis's critical engines for growth - gained new Lead Manager, Federico Legge.
Federico Legge

Session Routing Engine Lead – Promotion for Federico Legge

Netaxis is nothing if not about its people. Today we are excited to tell the world that one of our integration engineers has been promoted to the position of Session Routing Engine Lead Manager. The telecoms industry is full of buzzwords so we should explain about the Session Routing Engine. SRE is one of Netaxis’ key engines for growth, if you can forgive the pun and is being used as part of the core voice network infrastructure by a growing number of telcos. SRE is a modern day graphically driven Routing Engine with APIs that make possible the connection to a wide variety of external databases.

As SRE Lead Federico is responsible for all aspects of the product including the roadmap, software release and support strategy, the dev team, documentation, P&L, all things SRE really.

Federico has this to say about his career so far:

“I had worked for 8 years as a voice engineer in Sparkle (Telecom Italia group) as my first experience, before joining Netaxis (and Brussels) in 2016. I used to do engineering in Italy on wholesale voice and mobile service, from technological scouting to product selection, implementation, testing and support to operations. In Netaxis I’ve been mostly doing integration and support before I started to focus on SRE, first in implementing it, gradually more to propose new features and enhancements, at the point that I’ve been the main contact person for some time now.”

From a personal non work perspective lately because of lockdown Federico has been learning and playing some chess but under “normal” circumstances  loves photography, taking long walks and enjoying food & drinks in Brussels with friends (we can but dream 🙂 )

This promotion is a key part of Netaxis’ evolution and growth as a business. Over the past few years we have been gradually moving from being a Systems Integration house to being a software company. The former is crucial in our ability to produce software for telcos whose environments are usually varied and complex. It takes a special breed of company to be able to operate in this space and this, we have to say, is Netaxis.

Find out more about Session Routing Engine on the product page on this site. If you want to meet Federico you will almost certainly get the chance if you make an enquiry about the product which you can do by contacting us. Oh and a big congratulations to Federico who is a lovely guy and really deserves the promotion.

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