Webex for Broadworks integration made easy

The growth in video conferencing led to the increasing popularity of Webex. See how Netaxis APIO helps BroadWorks customers integrate new functionality into services.
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Webex for BroadWorks Integration module by Netaxis 

Cisco is seeing a tremendous drive towards Webex as a clear outcome of the growth in video conferencing and collaboration services. Netaxis are very much seeing this happen in our Cisco oriented customer base which in turn has informed our own product development strategy.

The Netaxis API Orchestration platform has made it very easy for BroadWorks customers to integrate new functionality into their service set. Provisioning new customers becomes a fully automated process with the consequent savings in operational costs.

One of the major features of APIO is the UC Hub that provides end users with the ability to manage their own services. This has been a major success for Netaxis with aspects of the product such as LDAP integration and Single Sign On being a hit with customers.

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With the demand from end users being to use Webex in conjunction with their existing BroadWorks based PBX services the integration of the two platforms can realise real gains with Netaxis. 

The merging of Webex accounts and BroadWorks users is not natively straightforward. The Netaxis Webex module addresses this, taking away the pain of integration and adding value for both End User and Service Provider.

Adds moves and changes are automated and Service providers can treat both BroadWorks and Webex users as a single account. Moreover our Webex module can cope with multiple different subscription types including where some services are effectively bundled free of charge.

Both Webex and BroadWorks service sets are now manageable from a single pane of glass by both Service Providers and End Users. End Users get a more streamlined integrated user experience. Service providers have happier customers and lower operating costs as the whole provisioning and management process is automated.

Our Webex for Broadworks integration module also adds a level of professionalism to the relationship of Service Providers with their customers.

For more details on the Netaxis Webex for BroadWorks integration module contact sales@netaxissolutions or use our contact form.

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