Happy International Women’s Day with Netaxis

Women bring value to the team, and we are proud to have them on board. Four years ago, we had one woman at Netaxis, today there are six, and we plan to increase.
International women's day

According to statistics, the number of women working in technology has continued to increase over the past years, with 18.5% of tech jobs in Europe held by women. Women in the tech industry aren’t common, despite an abundance of research confirming that companies are more profitable when they have more women on board, and Netaxis definitely agree.

Netaxis is a place where we value everyone who shares their passion for technology and innovation. Today is International Women’s Day, and we would like to highlight the female side of our team, which isn’t that large in quantity but is significantly impacting Netaxis’s development and growth. 

Around four years ago, we had just one woman in the team, today there are six, and we plan to increase further. No doubt, we can say that women in Netaxis bring added value, but mostly they are providing a different view on issues, problems and solutions. 

Women sometimes have a different approach to the organisational process, relations between staff, technical architecture and design. They can better represent women, their needs and, in other industries, female-oriented products. Furthermore, as one of our employees says:

Technology is made for all of us so that makes diversity in the tech industry even more important.

By nature, women and men sometimes do think differently. However, we bring unique ideas to the table together. Netaxis is grateful to all of the women who form part of our team for the value and results that they’ve helped to achieve. It would’ve been harder to succeed without your help and advice. Your creative and innovative thinking enables better problem solving and gives alternative viewpoints. Thanks for being on board! We’re so grateful to have you with us. 

Happy Women’s Day!

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