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Managing network-wide rules and dial plans of multi-cloud, multi-vendor enterprise VoIP networks can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming activity. Nowadays routing management platforms exist that automate and simplify this task and greatly reduce complexity.

Enabling operators to take full control of their networks advanced carrier-grade platform are required that streamline the management of voice and non-voice sessions. By centralizing control these platforms can and should deliver increased efficiency and flexibility. This article explores the key benefits of using Routing Management Platforms, drawing on insights from industry leaders like Netaxis Solutions and other providers.

Key Benefits of Using Routing Management Platforms such as Netaxis SRE (Session Routing Engine) and others:


1. Centralised management of voice and non-voice session:

  • Speed up service deployment with a “drag and drop” service logic builder
  • Empower operators to build products faster and more efficiently
2. Multi-Vendor support for SBCs and programmable routing:
  • Seamlessly integrate amongst others with Oracle, Ribbon, Microsoft (Metaswitch) and Audiocodes SBCs
  • Develop custom data structures, routing logic, and reporting capabilities
  • Integrate with internal and external databases, as well as web services
3. Simplified routing decisions and SBC management:
  • Streamline routing decisions, SBC management, platform integration, and service creation for voice and non-voice sessions
  • Automate complex processes such as number portability, service provisioning, 5G use case implementations, and customer enablement
4. Accelerated implementation  cycles and self-management:
  • Speed up service deployment with a “drag and drop” service logic builder
  • Empower operators to build products faster and more efficiently
5. Reduced complexity and simplified operations:
  • Lower expenditures through centralised, accessible control
  • Streamline operations to build products more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Reduction of human errors
6. Scalable deployments: 
  • Platforms should be scalable by design allowing up to thousands of sessions or calls in parallel. Redundancy is critical in core service provider networks.
Service Logic Editor
Datamodel Editor


A Session Routing Engine is a powerful tool that enables operators to centralise, simplify, and accelerate their network management processes. By offering multi-vendor SBC support, programmable routing, and streamlined routing decision-making, operators are empowered to take full control of their networks. Furthermore, with reduced operational complexity, shorter implementation cycles, and more self-management capabilities, operators can focus on building innovative products and services with ease and efficiency.

"Implementing SRE as a centralised Sip Routing Engine has improved efficiencies and dramatically simplified routing logic, routing changes which used to take in the region of 10 minutes are now completed in seconds. SRE’s fast and intuitive UI enables our Technical Operations Team to make customer routing plan changes with ease and removes the requirement of understanding the intricacies and ramifications of making changes that were a technical overhead of the original SBC vendors routing logic. Amongst the many other benefits the API enables automation for customer creation and routing changes in the event of fraud. The granularity of control within SRE plays a pivotal role in meeting Ofcom obligations and our voice product team are already dreaming up new services to empower our channel partners. As SRE is VM based within our infrastructure rapid scalability as our business grows is easily achievable."

To learn more about Netaxis Session Routing Engine and how they can transform your network operations, visit https://www.netaxis.be/talk-to-an-expert/. It is a leading industry solution that is deployed at many service provider networks. Don’t miss the opportunity to harness the power of an SRE and revolutionize your network management today.

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