Netaxis expanding to the USA brings benefits to customers everywhere

Learn more about the expansion of Netaxis to the USA and how it enhances the lives of customers and the community.
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Netaxis built its success on being seen as a trusted adviser to its customers. With over 70 telcos worldwide trusting the company with critical voice infrastructure this has clearly been a winning strategy.

For the past few years Netaxis has been bringing its telco customers together for a truly inspiring set of talks and discussions. Unsurprisingly this conference, called the Netaxis Inspiration Day attracts senior players from the global telecommunications world. The opportunity to engage with industry peers has been compelling, as has the naturally inspiring content.

Recently Netaxis announced it is expanding its sphere of operations into the USA. As well as being an opportunity to continue its growth in a large new market the company genuinely believes that being able to add North American telecommunications service providers into the mix will enhance the service it provides. The knowledge that working with telcos globally brings will allow Netaxis to enrich their service offering in North America and vice versa back across the Atlantic.

The community of telcos built up by Netaxis will be the beneficiaries, and in turn, the company will go from strength to strength.

The move across the pond fits well with the evolution of the markets from being on premises to cloud based. The world in which Netaxis built its business and its status as trusted partner was very much the former. The move to the cloud is driven by a number of factors that include price, scalability and resilience and with it comes the expectation of simplicity. 

Users of cloud based services expect low touch, automation and ease of use. This is a perfect medium for Netaxis to its undoubted telecoms expertise and also draw on its large pre-existing telco community of interest to help define and streamline these services. The move to the USA further enhances this and is particularly straightforward when it comes to the cloud where location is far less of a barrier to success.

These are exciting times for both Netaxis and its community of customers both in the Old World and the New and the company very much looks forward to hosting its expanded customer community at next year’s Inspiration Day.

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