Communities of interest are vital in the world at large

Find out why communities of interest are vital and about Netaxis as an active participant in the telecommunications community.
Netaxis sits at the heart of the telecoms community by Manuel Basilavecchia at Netaxis Solutions website

As a key part of global telecommunications infrastructure, Netaxis enables the Fusion of voice with Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms. Services such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Zoom are the platforms upon which communities are built. Who doesn’t remember taking part in an online session with both friends and work colleagues during the Covid pandemic.

Other platforms are also used. Facebook and LinkedIn for example are real drivers for community engagement. Netaxis is an active participant in the telecommunications community. Aside from our own Inspiration Day we are for example members of a number of national trade associations.

In the United Kingdom Netaxis is a member of the Comms Council UK (CCUK) which has represented Service Providers in the UK since telecoms technology moved on from Alexander Graham Bell’s original ideas and into the internet driven world. The CCUK has over one hundred active Service Provider members and very much serves as a focal point for the industry in the United Kingdom. 

Netaxis’ UK managing director Trefor Davies not only represents the company on the CCUK Council but participates in a number of their working groups. Being actively involved in these activities places Netaxis at the centre of this community. We assist with inputs to regulatory calls for comment from the UK body Ofcom and also take part in conversations concerning how technology can be used to improve life for the consumer of services. 

Caller ID Authentication is one example of this. Trefor Davies recently chaired a meeting of the US based Cloud Communications Alliance where trade body representatives from around Europe gathered to discuss how the telecoms community could help reduce the problem of robocalling and spam.

Being at the heart of the global conversation allows Netaxis to make informed decisions regarding its own service propositions. Netaxis is happy to support such organisations and the events they hold. In 2023 Netaxis has supported events in the USA, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Middle East.

The benefits arise not from simply by being involved in events and working groups but in the relationships built with other members of the community in the coffee breaks and networking opportunities created around these occasions.

Netaxis will continue to be involved in the telecommunications community driven by the strong belief that it is to the benefit of its staff, customers and business partners. 

This together with our advanced partnerships with leading technology providers fuels the insight we share with our customers. We all become better by sharing expertise and insight. Sharing information is ingrained in our values and is the basis of Inspiration Day, a conference that this year played host to 170 attendees from 35 different service & technology providers. Next year our ambition is to make the Netaxis Inspiration Day even more impactful together with partners that share the same vision.

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