Exciting news from the Cisco Service Provider Tech Summit in Lisbon

Find out about the main highlights and insights from the Cisco Service Provider Tech Summit in Lisbon.

We’re thrilled to share our recent experience at a notable Cisco conference in Lisbon. Attended by a select group of service provider experts, this event marked a rejuvenating gathering for the BroadWorks EMEA community, offering a platform for insightful exchanges and innovative ideas.

Key highlights

ü  The conference provided a deep dive into Cisco BroadWorks and the Webex suite, particularly focusing on Webex 4 BroadWorks and Webex Wholesale. These insightful sessions offered a comprehensive understanding of the products and their evolving role in the industry.

ü  It was a unique opportunity for eco-partners like Netaxis to demonstrate their valuable contributions to enhancing Cisco collaboration solutions.

ü  The event saw a diverse gathering of professionals, predominantly consisting of Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Solution Architects, and experts in Engineering and Operations.

Special discussions

  • A significant topic of discussion revolved around the automation and streamlining of the migration process from on-premises systems to cloud solutions. This is particularly relevant in the context of challenges faced by service providers in migrating customer bases to platforms like Webex Calling Wholesale.
  • The necessity for example of integrating email validation into user profiles for seamless service provision underscored the need for process optimization rather than just technological solutions.
  • Insights into (network, UCaaS and CCaaS) reporting and the strategic partnerships were also discussed, highlighting the potential for enhancing service provider offerings.
  • Additionally, the concept of service adoption metrics was explored to effectively measure the success of cloud collaboration offerings.
  • The conference also touched upon the importance of sovereign cloud solutions and the interoperability with Microsoft technologies in the Webex environment.

What's next?

The insights and discussions from the conference not only offered valuable product insights but also highlighted the importance of partnerships and collaborations in driving innovation and customer satisfaction. We’re excited to apply these learnings and continue our journey in offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Stay tuned for more updates! Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions on how Netaxis enables leading service providers to simplify and automate their networks, driving efficiency and faster time to market.

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