Cisco announces end of maintenance for ECCR: Netaxis and Akixi step up as alternatives

Find out about Netaxis and Akixi's innovative alternatives to address the challenges posed by Cisco's discontinuation of ECCR and DBS.

January 22, 2024 – Cisco Systems, a global leader in networking technology, has made a significant announcement regarding the Enhanced Call Center Reporting (ECCR) and its Database Server (DBS). Effective September 30th, 2024, Cisco will officially end the maintenance for these products, marking a significant transition for many of its users. This move follows the end-of-sale declaration made on April 30th, 2019, and aligns with Cisco’s lifecycle and support policy.

The ECCR has been an integral part of Cisco’s offerings, providing robust call center reporting capabilities that have been essential for many businesses. The DBS, on the other hand, has been a backbone for data management within these systems. The decision to end maintenance comes as part of Cisco’s broader strategy to continually evolve its product portfolio, phasing out older components in favor of more advanced and efficient solutions.

Cisco’s commitment to innovation and excellence in its product offerings is well-known. As part of its statement, the company emphasised its dedication to offering leading-edge products and ongoing efforts to renew and enhance its portfolio. The End of Maintenance (EoM) is a natural step in the lifecycle of any technology product, signaling a shift towards newer, more advanced offerings.

However, this transition poses challenges for businesses that have been reliant on ECCR and DBS. In response to this gap, two notable companies, Netaxis and Akixi, have stepped forward to offer alternative solutions.

In June, Akixi and Netaxis established a strategic alliance aimed at integrating Akixi’s advanced analytics services with the Netaxis Fusion platform. Six months into this collaboration, significant progress has been made. Broadworks-based service providers can enhance their existing Unified Communications offerings by adding a layer of value-added services and generating additional average revenue per user (ARPU). Secondly, the collaboration addresses the needs of existing Netaxis customers looking for modern, advanced call center reporting solutions.

As a recall, Netaxis Fusion is a future-proof platform that acts as a docking station for innovative Unified Communications (UC) solutions. In general, platforms like Netaxis Fusion offer several key benefits:

Ø  Integration of multiple communication platforms and solutions: Fusion platforms typically allow for the integration of various UC and collaboration tools into a single, cohesive system. This integration facilitates seamless communication across different platforms and tools.

Ø  Simplification and automation of services: By consolidating multiple services, such platforms simplify the management and deployment of UC services, often automating routine tasks and processes.

Ø  Scalability and flexibility: Such platforms are designed to be scalable, accommodating the growing needs of businesses. They can be easily scaled up or down based on user requirements, ensuring that businesses do not have to invest in new infrastructure as they grow.

Ø  Enhanced user experience: By providing a unified interface for various communication tools, these platforms enhance the user experience, making it easier for employees to access and use different communication tools effectively.

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